B.ROB, one of the most promising emerging artists out of Toronto, on the ground in London.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE ⁠—⁠—⁠— Independent singer, songwriter and rapper, B.ROB is currently in London following a viral teaser for his upcoming single “Can’t Believe”. B.ROB has amassed a dedicated following and continues to answer fan requests for releases through a behind-the-scenes look at new tracks via social media.

B.ROB’s authenticity and relatability have cemented him as one of the most promising emerging artists out of Toronto. B.ROB released his second offering, “Undeniable” in March 2023 which gained over 4 million streams globally. Following a viral teaser for his crowd-favourite single, Treason, the first single from “Undeniable” was released earlier this year and is an introspective single emphasizing the weight of managing everyday realities while on a journey to eminence. 

The mixtape features 8 tracks, infusing B.ROB’s signature style with opulent beat selection, and matter-of-fact storytelling. Combining wit and reality to tell tales of love, loss and personal evolution, B.ROB lends his artistry to what he calls R&B for the streets. “Undeniable” maintains B.ROB’s authenticity and is slated to be his most renowned release to date. Fans can stream the project now across all major platforms.

While in London, B.ROB has been collaborating with many artists and producers, and his team has been busy on the ground networking with industry professionals, meeting with fans, potential labels, distributors and seeking other partnership opportunities.


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